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The Law, by Bastiat
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Socialism:  A system of social, economic, and political thought characterized by a condition of social and economic organization under which the means of producing and distributing goods are owned and controlled "collectively" (as under Communism) and/or by an authoritarian government that attempts to control and direct the economy through a process of centralized planning.  Also known as a "command economy".  Under a socialist regime, private ownership is prohibited or severely limited.

Bastiat's The Law

Fredric Bastiat's "The Law" is a fundamental classic in the study of Liberty and free markets, and reading - or re-reading - its profound words are essential to understanding the freedom philosophy, in theory as well as in practice.

"The Law" speaks profoundly and presciently as well to the many very real challenges that continue to face us in a world that still remains, now as then, largely un-free.

Now available!  For a limited time, you can download the entire text of The Law  for free in a special beautifully formatted PDF edition, for printing out or reading on your PDF-capable device. 

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1 Introduction
2 The Translation
3 The Law
4 Life Is A Gift From God
5 What is Law?
6 A Just and Enduring Government
7 The Complete Perversion of the Law
8 A Fatal Tendency of Mankind
9 Property and Plunder
10 Victims of Lawful Plunder
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